Casa Nº1 en Curacavi, Chile by Felipe Combeau + Pablo Alfaro | via

The first step was to take a strategic position of the site and set up a landmark that could dominate the hilly and shrubby landscape. It is a 14×14 m square that contains the entire program in a single level.

The second step was to create a pass through the square in order to establish a clear way to enter and exit the house and internally separate the public areas from the private ones. This operation allows the box to break and make the outside enough permeable.

The pass operation introduces two additional axis systems to the original square, which guide the internal organization of the program following a centrifugal composition. In this way each room opens to a different space: distant views, sunny terraces, shaded terraces, proximity to native vegetation, outlook to the valley, etc. This centrifuge pattern also allows the wind to flow freely through the house in summer, so under the protection of the concrete slab, inhabitants can survive the intense heat of the season without the need of air conditioning.

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